Chiefs lose 35-32 to the Titans

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Of all the ways to blow a game, this one is pretty absurd.

The Chiefs wasted a spectacular performance by Patrick Mahomes in his return from a dislocated kneecap with a wicked combination of mistakes and failures.

They could not stop the run (again) and missed too many tackles (again) and screwed up a field goal snap (that was a new one, at least) and then melted down from there on defense (nostalgic) and a with blocked field goal at the end (sure, why not).

Titans 35, Chiefs 32.

The Chiefs were the better team, and weathered some awful breaks with injuries, but they also deserved to lose with all the mistakes they committed.

This one hurts.

Whatever the Chiefs' record ends up at the end of the year, they will deservedly feel like they came up one win short.

That could be the difference in location of a playoff game.

That could be the difference in whether they have to play in the first round.

The big picture stuff is still in place. The Chiefs still have a terrific offense and if they start to get healthier a Super Bowl run is just as possible now as before.

But this one will sting. This one will leave questions.

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