Should Bears bench Trubisky? Making argument for — and against — sitting the starting QB.

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Nagy said he is willing to try anything -- from making Trubisky watch broadcast tape to study his body language to encouraging conversations with past coaches. And Trubisky embraces that.

"It's been a learning experience ... going up and down and having it not going the way you expected it to go," Trubisky said. "Kind of what we did last year, we've got to throw expectations out the window. They don't really matter. ... If you take a step back, you look at it and you say, 'OK, it is what it is. This is where we're at right now. How can we fix things? How can we get better from here?' "

Bench him: At 3-5, playoff hopes are very slim, but there's still a shot.

Taking into account the Bears' need to be sure about moving on from Trubisky, the only real reason to sit him is to salvage a shot at the postseason.

The New York Times says the Bears still have a 4% chance to make the playoffs. That drops to 1% if they lose to the Lions on Sunday.

Since 2000, 50 teams have advanced to the playoffs after posting a .500 record or below through their first eight games, according to NFL Communications, including the 3-5 Cowboys and Colts last season. Each team won its ninth game.


"It's now or never," wide receiver Anthony Miller said. "It's win or go home, really, for us, to my knowledge. So we've got to win."

So if a change is going to make a difference, now would be the time to make it.

When Daniel entered the Vikings game after Trubisky injured his left shoulder, he completed 22 of 30 passes for 195 yards in a 16-6 victory. And while the Bears got off to a horrible start against the Raiders in Oakland, Daniel led a comeback to at least make it a game, completing 73% of his passes for 231 yards, tied with Trubisky's third-best effort this year.

Could Daniel's presence help provide the spark the Bears need? Would it hurt to try?


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