Eddie Brown's fantasy football Week 6: Start and sit

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Saquon Barkley limped off the field a few weeks ago and hobbled my fantasy football team in the process.

My running back depth was nonexistent. I had David Montgomery, Raheem Mostert, Darrel Williams and Derrius Guice. Guice is on injured-reserve, but will likely return after Washington's bye. Montgomery has shown flashes, but Chicago's offense is a mess. Mostert and Williams were weekly stopgaps who paid off, but were likely no longer useful.

I did what any owner with championship aspirations would do. I gathered what assets I could afford to part with and begin shopping them. A deal was struck.

I traded Deshaun Watson, Odell Beckham Jr. and David Montgomery for Kyle Allen, Josh Gordon and Nick Chubb. Before you reject me as a bedlamite, how crazy could I be if I'm using a word such as bedlamite to describe my craziness? Exactly.

The trade is laughable if you're focused on the names, but one of the bedrocks of fantasy sports is to tailor your team to fit your league's rules. This league was born in the mid-eighties and maintains its original charter, which heavily favors running backs.

The scoring is simple: Six points for a rushing touchdown, three points for a receiving or passing touchdown and double-points for anything 50-yards or more. A bonus point for surpassing 100 yards rushing or receiving and 300 yards passing. An additional bonus point for every 50 yards thereafter. Three points for a field goal (it's six for anything 50 yards or more) and a single point for extra points.


That's it. There's also a moves cap of six for the entire season. Trades don't count against the cap.

This league isn't for the faint of heart.

So you need good running backs and a steady kicker (oddly enough) to win the league because those positions have the easiest path to double-digit points each week.

This is why the only starting running back on the waiver wire is Frank Gore, but there are receivers like Courtland Sutton, Michael Gallup, John Brown and Tyrell Williams available.


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