Panthers' Eric Reid sounds off on Jay-Z owning an NFL team: 'Despicable'

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"When has Jay-Z ever taken a knee to tell us we're past kneeling? Yes, he's done a lot of great work, great social justice work. But for you to get paid to go into an NFL press conference and say you're past kneeling? It's asinine."

-- On how Reid's hashtag about neocolonialism relates to Jay-Z ...

"The NFL is hiding behind this black face, right? The injustice that's happened to Colin, they get to say, 'Look, we care about social justice. We care about the black community because we're with Jay-Z. Jay-Z is doing the work for them. We all know that it's unjust that Colin isn't in an NFL locker room, the way he lost his job, but they get to pretend they care about social justice. I haven't seen anything. I could be completely wrong. Since the $89 million with the players' coalition, what's come of that? We get to pretend that we care about social justice. We get to pretend that we care about the black community. We get to hide behind Malcolm Jenkins' face. We get to hide behind Jay-Z's face. And not do anything."

-- On if Kaepernick could play for the Panthers ...

"I've talked to (team owner David Tepper). It's the same thing that everybody says. We have a quarterback."

-- On financial motivation ...

"It does fit in with the pattern. Jay-Z knowingly made a money move. He's capitalized on the situation. Nobody to my knowledge, and you can correct me if I'm wrong, talked about social justice before Colin started protesting. That was not a topic of the NFL's off-the-field work. And for Jay-Z to come in and partner to address social justice, do it behind Colin's back, get paid to do it, and now he has a stake in an NFL team, is just, I don't have words."


-- On what Jay-Z owning a team would mean ...

"This is an interesting turn of events, to hear that Jay-Z is going to be part-owner of a team. I don't know how big of a stake that is, or how much pull he'll have as owner of a team, if he's less than 1% I guess that doesn't mean anything. But if he's part-owner, that means he'll have a say. We'll see if he uses that position to get Colin a job."

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