Comfortable in role with Chiefs, in community, Patrick Mahomes enters Year 2 as starter

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Four hours after walking off the field at the Chiefs practice facility in white Adidas cleats bedazzled with iridescent spikes and a blue-green graffitied 'Three Stripe Life' logo on the toe cap, Patrick Mahomes pulled on another pair of shoes as he arrived at Children's Mercy Hospital.

These were dark blue and black with neon orange accents and three signature white stripes on the side.

Like the first pair, these shoes stood out -- and that was the point.

These specific shoes, the Adidas Asterisk Collective Ultraboost 2019, were created for the Foot Locker-assembled group of athletes and artists on a mission to inspire and empower others to make a positive impact. The sneaker is supposed to be worn by people who embody the asterisk and what it means to stand apart.

Mahomes, a founding member of the group, fulfilled that mission when he surprised a group of patients at Children's Mercy with gear from his 15 and the Mahomies Foundation and a variety of Adidas shoes.

"It was awesome being at Children's Mercy to do so many great things for these kids, especially around this area," he said. "It's something we've been talking about for a while, and I'm glad to see it finally coming to fruition."


Through the Asterisk Collective, he also presented the hospital with donations of iPads, telepresence robots, a Vecta machine and Mamaroos Swings to help assist with patients' rehabilitation and well-being. Mahomes also donated fully-loaded PlayStation 4 systems.

Afterward, he took pictures with the room full of kids and their family members and signed autographs.

The event was part of a full schedule for Mahomes, coming hours after his third OTA practice of the week. But if he was tired, he didn't show it.

"These kids are working 1,000 times harder than I am," he said. "So I want to make sure that they know that the things that they do, that they're worth my time, they're worth their time, and do whatever I can to show them that we're supporting them just as much as they're supporting us."


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