Browns GM Dorsey doesn't fear potential challenges with Beckham: 'I know he can help this football team'

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Cleveland sports fans are celebrating the Browns' trade for Odell Beckham Jr. on a return-of-LeBron level.

Beckham is good enough to justify the hype.

Still, the fact remains he's a member of the Browns because the New York Giants wanted to get rid of the superstar wide receiver who was often criticized for causing headaches for his former team.

The unwanted headlines Beckham generated in the Big Apple are as well-documented as his acrobatic catches.

In one episode of Beckham's New York saga, he appeared on ESPN in October, reportedly without notifying the Giants ahead of time, and fueled a widespread narrative about his frustration with quarterback Eli Manning. Asked if the Giants had an issue at QB, Beckham said, "I don't know," and went on to explain Manning had not been throwing deep enough for Beckham's taste.

So it's not shocking that an unnamed source recently explained the Giants' reasoning for trading Beckham by telling SportsNet New York, "He had become too much of a pain in the ass. And there was a real fear that eventually it would get worse."


None of it scared Browns general manager John Dorsey away. Beckham's talent is too tantalizing.

"I know Odell is very passionate, know he's competitive and I know he can help this football team," Dorsey said Thursday on a conference call, speaking publicly about the blockbuster trade for the first time. "If you can get the chance to acquire a guy like that, you know what? Take a shot at him.

"We all understand the magnitude of his ability to play the game of football. He's a good football player, and you can't have enough weapons around you. He's a really good asset to have on our football team."

Dorsey insisted the Browns research every player they acquire, and the presence of wide receiver coach Adam Henry proved to be invaluable throughout the process. Henry was Beckham's position coach at Louisiana State University for two seasons and with the Giants for another two seasons.


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