Sure, the Patriots are super, but enough is enough

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What's more, they happily turn the knife. Specifically for this Super Bowl, they launched the "Not Done Network," which streamed Patriots-related content around the clock, starting Monday with the send-off rally at Gillette Stadium and ending Saturday night with a live production "Patriots All-Access." The first-of-its-kind endeavor attracted 20 million page views in the first 24 hours and sounded like a threat, as in, "We're not done tormenting you."

"Brady's not going anywhere, Bill's not going anywhere," Fauria said. "All that nonsense that you heard weeks ago about tension and this and that, it doesn't happen. No relationships have been splintered. No egos have been hurt. They've had to make some tough decisions, but, oh, by the way, that's what multibillion-dollar corporations do. That's why they're successful."

And oh-so-lovable.

"We try not to be arrogant, and I think most of the people in this organization are not," Kraft said. "Stylistically, sometimes the way Bill comes across to people ... . But it's just that people want other teams to win.

"I understand it, but we're going to try to do our best to keep the haters hating."

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