Chiefs' Andy Reid makes 'difficult' decision to suspend Marcus Peters for Raiders game

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For the first time in Andy Reid's five-year tenure as the Kansas City Chiefs' head coach, he's decided to suspend a player for an entire game.

On Wednesday, Reid announced that cornerback Marcus Peters will miss the Chiefs' game against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday afternoon due to his actions in the Chiefs' 38-31 loss to the New York Jets last Sunday.

Peters' suspension means he will not practice with the team this week, and will also lose a week's pay.

"I've done a lot of thinking, and I've come to the conclusion I'm going to suspend him for this game," Reid said. "He'll be back the following week."

Late in the fourth quarter of the Chiefs' loss to the Jets, the Chiefs appeared to stop a two-point conversion that would have kept the Chiefs down just five points. But when fellow cornerback Steven Nelson was whistled for defensive holding, Peters -- who was visibly frustrated throughout the course of the game -- picked up the flag and chucked it into the stands, drawing another penalty.

Peters then walked off the field -- all the while, escorted by a Chiefs' security officer -- even though he had not been ejected. He eventually returned to the sideline wearing cleats but no socks.


When asked if Peters was suspended for the flag toss, premature walkoff or both, Reid declined to go into detail. On Monday, however, he indicated that tossing the flag was "the wrong thing to do."

Reid also declined to elaborate on how Peters -- who ominously tweeted "Lol" on Tuesday afternoon -- took the news of the suspension.

"This was something Marcus and I discussed," Reid said. "I'm going to leave it at that ... I deal with the player man to man and we discuss it and we move on from there."

Reid said it was not an easy call.


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