Sophomore Slump? Cowboys' Dak Prescott's QB encore has been just as good

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Jones said the Cowboys' offensive coaches have an even loftier view of his play.

"He's playing right now at the highest level of anybody they see in the NFL," Jones said Wednesday morning on 105.3 The Fan. "The main thing is that they comment that he's maybe as mentally tough and mentally into it, or least as discourage-able with a bad play, than any player they've ever seen."

Coach Jason Garrett wouldn't co-sign on Jones' comments but offered high praise for Prescott.

"He's certainly playing very well and his decision making has been excellent," Garrett said. "His ability to make plays, both little plays and big plays, has been excellent. Maybe as much as anything else, for me, for the coaches and for his teammates is his leadership is off the charts. The guys look to him. They rally around him. He's just got a way about him that guys respond to.

"And they play well around him, and he's very productive and his execution helps his leadership but also he just has a great spirit. So he's certainly playing very well right now."

Jones said he's definitely further along than any second-year quarterback he's ever seen, and the numbers bear that out.

His 66.0 completion percentage after 24 games is higher than the legendary likes of John Elway, Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Dan Marino and Aaron Rogers.

His quarterback rating of 102.4 is higher than that entire group but Marino.

And his eight interceptions are far and away the fewest of the bunch while his 10 rushing touchdowns are the most.

"It's definitely humbling to be in that conversation, to be with those guys, but I mean, it's only 24 games," Prescott said. "It's only the beginning."


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