'Every day gets easier': Jimmy Garoppolo digesting dense 49ers playbook

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- The biggest non-football development in Jimmy Garoppolo's life: He's been able to procure a rental car.

"They were giving me rides and everything in the first week," the 49ers quarterback told reporters gathered around his locker on Wednesday.

Of course, it's not as if he has a lot of new and exciting places to go. If he wasn't asleep at the team hotel, he's been at the 49ers practice facility trying to digest as much of Kyle Shanahan's playbook as possible.

Garoppolo, who arrived in Santa Clara on Oct. 31, learned enough for a plastic wristband worth of plays on Sunday that allowed him to serve as C.J. Beathard's backup. He listened to the play calls over his headset throughout the game and admitted that some of the things he heard made sense, others did not.

"Every day you try to progress," Garoppolo said. "What you learn the day before you try to just retain that and make it a habit. I think every day gets easier, but then there's new stuff every day also. It's a constant learning process."

The hope this week is that his wristband grows a little more dense.


Will he play? Shanahan said that as the week of practice got underway on Wednesday the plan was for Beathard to make his fourth consecutive start. But Shanahan continues to leave himself plenty of wiggle room for Garoppolo's debut.

"Hopefully it's sooner than later, but again I'm not setting a date on it," he said.

At least one interested party said he's "kind of expecting" the newcomer to make an appearance Sunday afternoon.

"Just being an offensive coach and a guy that's spent a lot of time in the quarterback room, you get a guy like (Garoppolo) you want to get him out there and give him a few reps as soon as possible," said Giants coach Ben McAdoo.


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