Steelers' Antonio Brown is sorry for 'taking away from the bigger picture'

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There is a picture hanging next to Antonio Brown's locker at the Steelers' practice facility. It's a print of Brown and Ben Roethlisberger smiling adoringly at each other in the locker room.

The picture is titled "The Dynamic Duo," and it's signed by Roethlisberger, who wrote the following note next to his signature: " -- A.B. -- We are unstoppable."

Those were happier times between the All-Pro receiver and his future Hall of Fame quarterback. They're patching up their relationship this week after Brown showed up his quarterback in Baltimore on Sunday afternoon.

In the Steelers' 26-9 victory at M&T Bank Stadium, following a play in which Roethlisberger missed him deep, Brown gestured wildly on the field, tossed a Gatorade cooler on the sideline and had words with offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

Roethlisberger called it a "sideline temper tantrum" and criticized Brown on his 93.7 The Fan radio show Tuesday morning.

In his first interview since being called out by Roethlisberger and coach Mike Tomlin, Brown apologized for his actions Friday afternoon following practice.

"You never want to be a distraction," Brown said. "Not only to our quarterback -- he's a legend in himself -- but to the team. You're passionate, you want to do well. It's a big rivalry game, but you have to do a better job of controlling the emotion.

"I apologize from taking away from the bigger picture. We beat the Ravens. I don't want to wake up and turn on the TV and you guys are talking about me throwing a tantrum. We should be talking about Ben, a lot of guys who had a great game, and the Steelers winning a big game on the road."

The story has lingered, at least in part, because Brown refused to address the issue before Friday. He declined requests Wednesday to talk about what happened in Baltimore.

Brown was contrite in a 10-minute interview and said he sought out Roethlisberger to have a talk with him earlier this week.


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