Cowboys still in disbelief, awe over Aaron Rodgers' third-and-20 play

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Rodgers is known for his ability to keep plays alive. He has the ability to escape the pocket and buy his receivers extra time to get open.

That's what happened on the third-and-20 play that ended the Cowboys chances. Rodgers rolled to his left, allowing Cook to get behind safety Byron Jones and fire a perfect pass down the sidelines.

"That play, it was just good execution by (left guard Lane Taylor) getting out front and blocking Justin (Durant) and then guys just continuing to come from the backside and obviously Jared made a fantastic catch on the sideline," Rodgers said. "Those are things we've repped, maybe not that exact play, we kind of put that play together there in the huddle, but similar situations over the years and like I said you try and lock away muscle memory about how to be accurate on all types of different throws."

For the Cowboys, it's a play they'd like to forget even though it received national recognition as the 2017 ESPY Play of the Year.

"For us, it's over with," Jones said.

Asked what went through his mind when the ball was in the air, Jones said: "Just disbelief the way he threw it, how he threw it, how long he held onto the ball and just the catch and the throw. You don't see that often. That's just a great time player making a great time play."

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Said Durant, "That should never happen. Just got to be smart."

Garrett said he's watched the play "a few times," although didn't want to get into a lengthy discussion on it.

Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli said with a wry smile all he remembered was that the Packers "completed it."

"They did a great job of sprinting out to his left, brought a lineman out to pin us, did a terrific job, bought some time and that's when stuff breaks down in the back row when he starts buying time," Marinelli said. "We've got to control him in the pocket. His arm is unbelievable."


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