Dieter Kurtenbach: The Warriors need to be realistic and do this with their NBA Draft picks

Dieter Kurtenbach, The Mercury News on

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In NBA fantasy land — aka the offseason — anything goes.

And in this fantasy land, the Warriors (and Draymond Green) want to trade their picks (Nos. 7 and 14) in the NBA Draft in exchange for a younger player who is capable of starting — or at least closing — for them in 2021-22.

Of course they want that. I, for instance, want to drink beer all the time and never gain weight, all while being a scratch golfer.

It’s not going to happen, though.

And the same goes for the suggestions of trading for Damion Lillard or Ben Simmons or any of the countless other All-Star names tied to Golden State.

It not going down, no matter how many times you see it posted online.


After a half-decade of surrendering the league’s narrative to Twitter and state-run media cries of “chaos” and “this league!”, the plot as been lost. The offseason conversation and what passes as news — or even rumor — is loonier than the latest Space Jam (and far funnier, too.)

The Warriors, despite their decline over the last two seasons, remain at the center of it all.

Now, there is validity to the argument that the Warriors have a strong trade package in such hypothetical deals, but at the moment they remain works of fan fiction unlikely to ever cross over in the realm of reality.

No, the far and away most likely scenario is that the Warriors not only use pick No. 7 but also pick No. 14 in the 2021 NBA Draft on July 29.


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