Dieter Kurtenbach: I was wrong about Kelly Oubre, who has been a godsend for the Warriors

Dieter Kurtenbach, Mercury News on

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I'll take an order of the crow, please.

Because I was wrong about Kelly Oubre.

I made the critical mistake of thinking that past performance would indicate future results. After all, they were indicating the results of the recent past.

But I underestimated Oubre. I underestimated the Warriors' culture.

There is truly no one who cannot be saved by the roundball trinity of Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Steve Kerr.

As of late, the 25-year-old Oubre has been a godsend for a Warriors team that looks to be in the early stages of a nice end-of-the-first-half run. This is a squad that is fully actualizing, and Oubre's impact in that development cannot go overstated.


"We're getting there. We're getting there for sure," Oubre said.

Feel free to celebrate my bad takes, but to be fair, it was hard to see this kind of run coming and I was hardly alone in thinking that Oubre wasn't a good fit with the Dubs.

Before the calendar flipped to February, Oubre was shooting 22.8% from 3 on five attempts a game. There were 82 players in the NBA that were shooting that many 3-point attempts per game, and Oubre had the worst percentage of any of those players by two points.

But so far this month, he has been shooting 44% on 3-pointers on six attempts per game — a better percentage than James Harden or Steph Curry.


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