Dieter Kurtenbach: Draymond Green's apology highlights a potential Warriors problem

Dieter Kurtenbach, The Mercury News on

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Draymond Green apologized for his actions that led to the Warriors’ shocking loss Saturday to the Hornets. But in explaining how he was “dead-ass wrong” to pick up two technical fouls in the final seconds of that game, gifting Charlotte a lifeline they subsequently took, Green highlighted a forgotten truth about this Warriors team.

Last week I wrote about how you cannot underestimate this Warriors’ team because they have Green and Steph Curry, two players who know exactly what it takes to win the biggest games. Championship DNA is a real thing — any observant basketball fan knows all about it — and the Warriors’ stars have it in spades.

That’s why no one with the Warriors is too concerned about a February loss in Charlotte, as tough as it might have been.

“He’s a winner,” Kerr said Monday. “If the price to pay is him spilling his emotions over the top sometimes, so be it.”

But Green pointed out Monday that this Warriors team doesn’t have many winners on it.

“Winning an NBA game is not easy and this young team has not had much experience with winning,” Green said. “So to take the game away from my teammates — which they worked so hard for — was a bit frustrating for me. I let them down… I’m much better than that.”


Yes, in highlighting how he was wrong, Green was right. Again. That sure seems to happen a lot.

And he brought up an issue that I admit I overlooked.

The lack of serious playoff experience outside of Curry, Green, and Kevon Looney is jarring when you actually break it down. This could be a real issue for the team come the spring, and it’s one that I, at least, had been overlooking up until Green’s comments Monday.

Now, Green and Curry each have played the equivalent of two regular seasons’ worth of minutes in the playoffs.


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