His brother played NAIA ball. As a result, Kentucky freshman Fletcher might make it to NBA.

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LEXINGTON, Ky. — It's not a complete stretch to think Kentucky is the second college freshman Cam'Ron Fletcher has attended. That's because he seemed ever-present at Harris-Stowe State when his older brother Jalen played for and attended the NAIA Division I school in their hometown of St. Louis.

"Everybody thought that Cam went to the school because he was there so much," the sons' mother, Tamika Fletcher, said.

Jalen, a 6-foot-4 guard, was late to basketball. He didn't play on a team until his senior year of high school. His interests were music (he played percussion) and dance.

Cam'Ron became Jalen's basketball protege.

"I started to tell him, I might not be playing basketball the rest of my life, but you have a gift," Jalen said.

Day after day the older brother sought to indoctrinate Cam'Ron, who is eight years younger, in what serious basketball was about.


"I wanted to show him the process," Jalen said. "Like study hall, two-a-days, a diet regimen, and get him on a specific schedule."

Tamika called Jalen the "biggest influencer" in Cam'Ron's basketball life "Because he always kept him under his wing," she said.

Jalen unabashedly enjoyed being told of his mother's praise.

"I like to hear that," he said. "It just makes me think I did my job as an older brother and as a role model. Honestly, all I wanted to do was set a great example."


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