Kristian Winfield: The Nuggets are on top of the world and the Clippers have hit rock bottom

By Kristian Winfield, New York Daily News on

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What a Western Conference final!

When asked about the upcoming Lakers matchup, Murray and Jokic agreed on this sentiment: The Nuggets can't get too focused on what the Lakers are going to do.

"They've gotta worry about us," Murray said.

That's the energy the Nuggets need to keep to have a chance.

LeBron James is gunning for championship No. 4 and Anthony Davis is one of the most skilled players at his position the NBA has ever seen. The rest of the Lakers roster is full of role players. Then they have two wild cards: Kyle Kuzma and Rajon Rondo.


The Lakers could bully the young Nuggets into a quick series. Then again, the series against the Clippers was supposed to be quick work, too.

The Lakers best bet is going to be a flat-out sweep of the Nuggets in the conference finals - because if they take a 3-1 lead, well, Orlando bubble history says the Nuggets are coming back to win.

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