Kristian Winfield: The Nuggets are on top of the world and the Clippers have hit rock bottom

By Kristian Winfield, New York Daily News on

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- What's next for Paul George?

Some serious soul-searching.

Paul George does not perform well under pressure. In fact, he only shot well in one game this series: Game 3, when he scored 32 points on 12-of-18 shooting from the field.

George shot 4 of 16 for 10 points and five turnovers in Game 7 - his signature moment was an open corner 3 that careened off the side of the backboard.

"Playoff P" shot 2 of 11 from downtown. That is and never will be enough to get it done.

George said it was the bubble: After his shooting slump in the first round of the playoffs, "PG-2-for-13" said he was in a dark place, saw the team psychiatrist and felt better. We all gave him a pass. Struggling with mental health is nothing to joke about.


But once he used it as an excuse for his performance, then claimed he overcame the obstacle, George opened himself up to rapid fire in the instance his performance cost his team big.

This is rapid fire: Paul George sold the Clippers out. George shot 37% in Game 2, 40% in Game 4, 43% in Game 6 and a whopping 25% in Game 7.

The eye test and the numbers don't resoundingly agree often, but when they do, they can't be ignored. Paul George is a liability and the Clippers have a problem.



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