Bill Self says Snoop Dogg's show, Kansas promo video not meant as attack against NCAA

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LAWRENCE, Kan. -- It's been suggested following Friday's Late Night in the Phog that Kansas basketball coach Bill Self may have, in one reporter's words, extended a "middle finger" to the NCAA over the organization's accusing Self's program of five Level I violations.

Self dismissed that notion Wednesday at KU's basketball media day at Allen Fieldhouse. His 20-minute session with reporters included a batch of questions about the NCAA's ongoing inquiry into KU hoops and others about the 2019-20 team.

"I do not like the narrative that has been said concerning that with me, but I also understand I can't control what the media writes or their opinions," Self said. "I do know and people that know me know that's not factually true in any way shape or form."

The middle finger reference comes from the fact Self, KU's 17th-year coach, appeared in a school-released video walking through a record store to Snoop Dogg's song "Gin and Juice" while wearing a shirt with an Adidas logo to promote the rapper's appearance at Late Night.

Then at Late Night, Snoop Dogg, during a 35-minute performance, had four scantily clad dancers climb and dance on stripper poles. Also, Snoop shot fake $100 bills at KU's players and into the stands. The NCAA has, of course, accused Adidas paying money to the mother of Billy Preston and guardian of Silvio De Sousa to get those players to attend KU.

"That has actually been a narrative (middle finger to NCAA) that some people have used since this and anybody that knows me knows I am not smart enough to figure out some of those things that have transpired that would relate to anything other than that moment," Self said.


"If you've followed us, I do stuff for Late Night every year. This year was no different. I happened to be wearing an Adidas shirt (which) happens to be our sponsor for our next 14 years, that helped sponsor the event. It was innocently given to me and I just put it on," he added of the Adidas shirt.

At past Late Nights, he has driven a motorcycle into the fieldhouse wearing biker clothing and chains and also has imitated Vanilla Ice as well as other singers/actors.

"Certainly the thinking ... I've already addressed and spoke to what happened the other night," Self said of his comments after Late Night in which he said he was told Snoop Dogg would perform a "radio edited" version of the show. Instead, renditions of Snoop's songs at Late Night included profanity.

"I don't know how an entertainer would in any way shape or form be thought to be sticking it to anybody, including the NCAA, by having an entertainer perform," Self added.


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