Danny Green waited, waited, signed with Lakers

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LOS ANGELES -- NBA fans and reporters weren't the only ones waiting eagerly for Kawhi Leonard to make his decision on where he would sign. Danny Green suspended his free agency as he waited for Leonard to make his choice.

"Those five days seemed like five months," Green said. "And each day that went by, I checked in with 'Whi and I'm like, 'Yo, what's going on with your meeting?' 'I have a meeting tomorrow.' So, (it was) like, 'Tomorrow? So I have to wait another day?' You think a day, it goes by pretty fast but the way it was happening, the way I was talking to him, you would think it was a week. Like, 'I got to wait another day, dude? Like, come on!'"

Leonard agreed to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers on July 5, and moments after the news broke just before midnight, Green had an agreement with the Los Angeles Lakers to sign for two years and $15 million. The two of them won a championship together less than one month before, and now will be crosstown rivals.

Green, a 32-year-old shooting guard, would have loved for the Raptors to return their core and try to repeat as champions. But with Leonard gone that wasn't possible, and even if Leonard returned to the Raptors, Green isn't certain Toronto would have had space for him.

"So you go to the next-best team you think in the league is and that was here," Green said of agreeing to terms with the Lakers. "Just with the foundation, they only had three players on the roster at the time, but those three players are pretty damn good and you know with those three you can build something special."

The Lakers have been open about their championship aspirations, and to do it they'll have to mesh quickly with many new players. Green has experience with that. He and Leonard were traded together from San Antonio to Toronto just last summer.


Although Green stayed in contact with Leonard about his schedule, Leonard never gave Green any updates about which way he was leaning. Green had an inkling that Leonard would want to go his own route rather than join a team that already had two superstars. He figured Leonard would wind up with either the Raptors or the Clippers.

When word leaked that Paul George had been traded to the Clippers, Green was just as shocked as everyone else.

"The Paul George thing was a total shock," Green said. "I had brief conversations with them after it, they think they got lucky with it."

He hopes that this will jump-start a rivalry between the Lakers and Clippers, and perhaps lead to a playoff series between the teams.


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