NBA insider: Kevin Durant wonders if Warriors misled him about initial calf injury

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In the two weeks since Kevin Durant popped his right Achilles tendon, dramatically changing his career arc as well as the gravity of the NBA's upcoming free agent signing period, he has yet to proffer a statement of substance.

Smart move, circumspection. Besides, so great is the interest in his condition, he would have a tough time getting his voice heard amid the noise.

Ric Bucher, sports NBA insider, dropped by 95.7 The Game on Friday, with a take that probably surprises no one.

"What I've heard through various places, is that (Durant) is not really happy with how things went down because of the injury," Bucher told hosts Matt Steinmetz and Brian Scalabrine. "There's an element of, 'Was I misled as far as injuring myself, coming back and playing, and having a catastrophic injury like this coming off a calf strain?' "

You might recall that Durant missed a month of the postseason after suffering a right calf strain, then dramatically returned to action in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. For 11:57 minutes of floor time, the comeback was a roaring success. Then Durant went down.

"We don't know, definitively, exactly what was said, how much was said, how much he was aware of that," Bucher said, "but I can tell you that people in the KD camp, people are running for cover because they don't want to be holding the bag on who led him astray."


Given Durant's stature, his future as a free agent, all the money that was potentially at stake, and a three-peat legacy in tatters, that's not difficult to imagine.

Bucher again: "Because the bottom line is, what Steve Kerr said, 'We didn't think he could get injured worse.' If Steve Kerr was told that, I'm sure KD was told that. And now he's looking at the prospect of not playing for, possibly, a year and having his free agency upended. I don't see how that makes him happier with the Warriors than he was before."

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