After tough trade deadline day, James, Lue ready to fast-track four new Cavs

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"I think once Kevin gets back we'll have a set rotation," Lue said. "I think with Kevin being out, teams starting bigger when you playing Detroit, when you play teams like Minnesota, with big Taj Gibson and Big KAT (Karl-Anthony Towns). It all just depends and varies from there."

Lue added that he can see Smith and Hood starting together, but "we just gotta see how it unfolds."

He said the addition of three young players should improve the Cavs' 29th-ranked defense, but he can also envision an effect offensively.

"Having guys who are live off the dribble, getting to the basket, getting to loose balls, rebounding the basketball and stuff like that," he said.

James said it didn't take him long to see how the four newcomers will help the Cavs. All are 25 years old except for Hill, 31.

"But obviously you don't want to fast-track it. You look at Jordan and Larry, they've been in the same system for a long time with the Lakers and Rodney's been in Utah for his whole career," James said. "I think it will be a lot easier for George because he's much more of a veteran, he's been around the block. Being a point guard, you've seen every set, you kind of know what's going on. I think it will be a lot easier transition for him. But all four of them are pretty smart guys, we should be fine."

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James said he found out about the trades around noon when he walked into Cleveland Clinic Courts and saw his close friend Wade, who told him that Thomas had been dealt to the Lakers.

"He asked me did I see what happened. And he thought I was messing around when I told him I didn't," James said. "He said there was a trade that happened on our team and he possibly could be headed out as well."

Lue said he was surprised as well.

"I started getting lots of texts and phone calls about trades being made," Lue said. "It was like, 'Oh, my God, that trade' and 'Oh, my God, something else.' It was a tough day. Anytime you trade some guys who have been here and try to help you win, it's always a sad day. That's the toughest part about this business. Guys you get used to being around and then you look up and they are gone.


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