As Kentucky faces 'gauntlet,' NCAA Selection Committee will be watching

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Kentucky has made a favorable impression upon the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee. And that committee is aware of the challenges UK faces in the regular season's final seven games.

"Kentucky certainly has had a good year so far with a young team again," Committee chair Bruce Rasmussen said on an NCAA teleconference Wednesday. "They have a gauntlet that they're going to be facing here in the next few weeks.

"So the committee will have a lot of discussion not only this week about Kentucky, but certainly will in March."

Of Kentucky's final seven opponents, six had a Ratings Percentage Index in the top 50 as of Wednesday morning: No. 5 Auburn, No. 29 Missouri, No. 30 Texas A&M, No. 36 Arkansas, No. 43 Alabama and No. 49 Florida. The outlier is Ole Miss at No. 98.

Kentucky is 3-5 this season against teams in the top 50 of the RPI.

Rasmussen, the athletic director at Creighton, downplayed the notion that momentum or lack thereof going into the NCAA Tournament can be important in evaluating Kentucky or any team.


"We look at every game as important as any other game," he said. "So it doesn't make any difference what time of year you play these games. They're all looked at with the same degree of importance. We look at the entire body of work."

A current debate in the Southeastern Conference revolves around the league's competitive games. Twelve of the 14 teams have four or more losses in league play. Do the losses hurt an individual team's postseason profile or reflect quality depth in SEC basketball?

"I believe it reflects a very good league," Rasmussen said. "Again, the committee will have a lot of discussion about the depth and the quality of the depth in the SEC. And we certainly understand what a lot of those teams face in terms of ... the strength of conference teams."

Rasmussen's comments echoed the reaction of SEC coaches on a Monday teleconference.


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