Bill Plaschke: Vin Scully tries to make most of each day while mourning loss of wife

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"I'm all right. I believe it's God's plan. We had wonderful times together," he said. "He's called Sandi home, and I'm just waiting for the call."

When that call comes, he said, he is looking forward to a reunion with his bride.

"Oh, absolutely, without a doubt, I'd leave yesterday," he said.

Sandi was the one to whom he sang "The Wind Beneath My Wings" on his final day at Dodger Stadium in 2016. Sandi was his constant companion, even sitting behind him in the broadcast booth throughout his final season. Sandi was his best friend, and he still struggles to endure her absence.

"I wouldn't want to dwell on how I feel much more than, you can imagine, anybody can imagine, when you lose your partner, the loss is overwhelming, and then eventually you come to grips with it," he said. "As of right now, I would say that I'm healing to reality, and I will try to do the best that I can for as long as I have."

Scully is hanging in there. That is about the only way to describe it. The man so renowned for his wonderful musings on baseball now honestly speaks about Sandi's death with the same elegant, yet pained, grace.


"It was all part of life. It's all part of the plan. We all get born, we live, and eventually we pass on," he said. "I'm just hoping that it won't be too long before I join her, but otherwise I'll just wait my turn."

He was asked to sum up Sandi's impact on him. He referred to that memorable Sunday afternoon song.

"It took a lot of courage to stand up in Dodger Stadium and listen to myself singing 'The Wind Beneath My Wings,' " he said. "That would sum her up perfectly, exactly. ... She was the wind beneath my wings. ... That was exactly how I felt and exactly how I lived."

Four days after Sandi's death, Scully suffered another loss with the Jan. 7 passing of longtime Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda. That is a lot for one man to handle. Scully said he soothes himself by planning on another reunion.


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