Milwaukee crushes Cardinals, 18-3

By Derrick Goold, St. Louis Post-Dispatch on

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MILWAUKEE - An mess game became an ugly game, and is rapidly sliding toward the makings of a costly, painful loss.

But it's not without some drama.

Mike Shildt and catcher Yadier Molina have both had animated conversations in the later innings here as Milwaukee thundered away for a 18-3 shellacking Tuesday at Miller Park. The loss left the Cardinals with welts_physically, mentally, and in the box score. Molina left the game after catching a few innings with a possibly injured hand. He told a team official he did not have any answers on his condition.

Jack Flaherty shouldered nine runs allowed on eight hits in three innings.

Shildt was clearly furious during the incident that got him ejected.

The biggest brouhaha of the game came in the fifth inning after Braun's bat clipped Yadier Molina's mitt and sent the catcher reeling away from home plate in obvious pain. Manager Mike Shildt, trailed by a trainer, reached Molina as he cradled his left hand. At some point while he was leaning over Molina, Shildt pivoted and stalked toward the Brewers dugout. He appeared to have heard a comment from the Brewers' dugout that also caught the ear of former Cardinal Jedd Gyorko.


Gyorko acted quickly to intercept Shildt as the Cardinals' manager shouted into the opponents' dugout. Every player on the field gravitated toward the entry to the Brewers' dugout, and eventually the bullpens would clear, too.

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Shildt's fury was clear at the field, and in photos.

Even with Gyorko near the top step of the Brewers' dugout, Shildt pressed toward it.


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