Ever-real Royal Danny Duffy deals, delivers on doing the right things amid pandemic

Vahe Gregorian, The Kansas City Star on

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From his "Bury me a Royal" creed to a telling love of dogs to his penchant for marathon walks to his willingness to be transparent about mental health challenges, Danny Duffy time and again has demonstrated how refreshingly human and sincere he is. Especially for someone so in the spotlight.

Being a public figure as a Major League Baseball player in the middle of a pandemic, though, obviously is quite different than it normally is.

It comes with different parameters and challenges than ever before, responsibilities upon which not only this fragile season hinges but ones that mirror what the real world faces against the common foe.

"The invisible enemy," as Duffy referred Sunday to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Leave it to Duffy, whom former co-worker Eric Hosmer called the best teammate he ever had, to deliver and keep it real at a time some are invoking false values masquerading as "freedom" in a willingness to put others at risk.

As the Royals prepared to return to the road Sunday night for their game Monday at Chicago's Wrigley Field, Duffy described his approach to the contemporary road trip.


"We can do whatever we want, but we feel incredibly selfish if you go into any stores; you feel like you're not doing the right thing, so to speak," he said, noting that many in the world are facing deep losses and issues right now and adding, "So if we're complaining about staying in a really nice hotel room a little longer than we'd like to, I feel like we're probably not really coming from the right perspective."

Yes, it's a grind. It's a lot of "hurry up and waiting," Duffy said, and when they're not at the field "every minute feels like 10 minutes." And it's strange not to feel right about even getting room service in hotels that are typically Ritz and Four Seasons quality.

"I mean, we're even kind of leery to do that," he said. "We get our food at the field (and) get it to go (even there)."

Duffy began making the point about staying secure so emphatically that he talked about staying away from grocery stories only to accidentally specify Price Chopper as an example ... with the store's logo behind him as a sponsor.


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