Cardinals await test results, expect them Monday, as Mozeliak explains: 'Containing is now our main focus'

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MILWAUKEE -- As he and the team waited for test results that would determine whether they headed for Detroit, as scheduled, or faced another wave of uncertainty and isolation, president of baseball operations John Mozeliak attempted to capture the claustrophobia the Cardinals feel quarantined in their downtown Milwaukee hotel.

"It's really trying times right now," he told MLB Network Radio on Sunday morning. "Fingers crossed we can get to a point where our curve flattens."

The Cardinals have issued a statement that they won't have complete results Sunday night and are instead expecting them Monday morning. The team had already planned to spend the night in Milwaukee and travel to Detroit later Monday.

What information they get from results will determine their plans.

The Cardinals entered the day braced that as many as four inconclusive results from Saturday could be confirmed positives. The Cardinals have received notice Sunday that they have new positives, and there have been a variety of reports that suggest multiple new positives. ESPN used the term "multiple" in its reporting.

On Saturday, the Cardinals had four new positive tests (for six total, including the previous confirmed new positives) according to the rapid exams done by Medical College of Wisconsin on Friday. Of those four, the Cardinals had two confirmed positives, based on the testing done by MLB at its lab in New Jersey. The other two, however, were part of the group of four tests labeled inconclusive because the results had discrepancies.


The four members of the traveling party who had inconclusive results were one player and three staff members.

They were tested again.

The entire team underwent additional testing Sunday at their hotel.

The Cardinals had three players receive confirmed positive COVID-19 tests. Two of them were already driven back to their homes in the St. Louis, and the third had been isolated and identified via contact tracing before the positive test was confirmed.


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