Pirates President Travis Williams on MLB's return: 'Reasonable minds will prevail'

Jason Mackey, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on

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Pirates President Travis Williams believes PNC Park will host Major League Baseball games this summer.

Speaking Monday on a Pittsburgh Technology Council webcast, Williams explained his reasoning while discussing a few different topics relative to the Pirates and business of baseball.

"I'm confident just because I think reasonable minds will prevail," Williams said. "They always do in these situations. These are unfortunate times for a lot of people in the world. This is not something that's just hitting Pittsburgh or the United States. I think we all acknowledge that.

"We all understand that we're going to be taking on losses, whether we're talking about players or organizations. But at the end of the day, reasonable minds will prevail. We'll be able to find common ground."

Williams said he and others on the ownership side were still "parsing through" the proposal the MLB Players Association made on Sunday afternoon, one that includes a 114-game schedule and allows them to keep roughly 70% of their salaries.

The league has been on the other side of the financial spectrum, with its sliding-scale proposal being quickly jettisoned by the union.


On Monday, Williams acknowledged that both sides must come together soon because there isn't much appetite for this sort of back-and-forth right now.

"We're going to be able to find a way to make it make sense for everybody economically," Williams said. "We're all in tough times. Nobody wants to hear about team owners and players losing money. I think we just want to get back and play baseball and really bring our communities back together."

If baseball does come back, it's unlikely to involve the Arizona biosphere that was floated earlier this spring, where teams would effectively quarantine together.

Williams explained why MLB moved off that plan and the NHL and NBA have kept going with it, relying on one or two hub cities to house a dozen or so teams.


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