George Springer's dad opens up about watching his son become a World Series MVP

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Springer Jr. breaks away from the phone again, only this time it's a little longer.

He's crying.

It's louder.

"Oh man...," Springer Jr., said.

His son overcame a stuttering issue. He worked very hard at that. In fact, he worked very hard at everything he did.

"If you knew the kind of kid he is, the man he has become, every now and then, it doesn't happen every day, but good things do happen to good people," Springer Jr. said. "I think about what it takes, the hard work and the sacrifice but I think of possibilities. I think of the limits of one's imagination, how far you can stretch it.

"We grow up as kids and we think about what we want to be, what we want to do. We think about those moments that we would love to see become reality because it's a reflection of the extent of those dreams. I was asked a question that night about what it meant and I think the way I put it is 'this is what you work for. This is what you hope for; this is what you dreamed for. To see that actually happen in front of me, man I can't believe it."

The presentation of the MVP Award was over by the time Springer Jr. got to his son.

"I didn't rush to get there, there were just too many, people, I just stood back like a fan. I listened and watched it on the JumboTron and took it all in," Springer Jr. said. "The good thing is I was composed at that point. I certainly didn't want to do that in front of all those people because it was a private moment. I watched it and afterward he came over. He walked over to me and we took a couple of photographs and he went off to do his media thing."

Not before George III shared a few words with his father.

"Well, I can tell you this: when he leaned over gave me a big hug he said 'I love you dad,' that's enough," Springer Jr. said.

Springer Jr. went to work instead of watching his son in the Astros' World Series parade celebration Friday.

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