Editorial: Biden puts clean energy future ahead of today's oil needs

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Note to those in the clean energy business: Joe Biden is working overtime to send you a kiss in the mail.

Biden and Co. has been making inroads since June toward using the Defense Production Act to boost production of solar, electric grid, heat pump and other technologies. On Monday that plan got some juice.

The Energy Department is releasing a formal Request for Information, asking the public how the law can best be used, according to a press release that was first shared with The Hill.

The purpose of the Defense Production Act is to give the president the authority to mobilize a certain industries in order to advance national security. Under this law, the president can prioritize contracts for certain types of products and use financial incentives to expand manufacturing capacity.

Translation: Cha-ching.

Biden has invoked the act before — he’s used it to support accelerated development of COVID-19 vaccines, and to speed up manufacturing of U.S.-made infant formula amid critical nationwide shortages.


In both instances, the need was great and demonstrable.

But clean energy’s been on Biden’s wish list since his presidential campaign — there is no sudden shortage that would warrant such action.

People aren’t clamoring for solar panels and heat pumps — but they do want and need heating oil for the winter, and gas to fill the cars they now drive.

The Biden administration may loathe fossil fuels, but they’re what people use today. When triaging the energy situation in America, warding off a winter of freezing or sapping family finances to fill the tank should come first.


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