This summer's hot baby gift? Funds for abortion rights

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“I’ve always been really pro-reproductive rights, but pregnancy reinforced my commitment to them,” she said.

Others became abortion-rights advocates on their journey to motherhood.

“I grew up in a very Catholic household in rural central Pennsylvania, where the collective view on abortion was that it was the result of being irresponsible or that it was baby killing — I had absolutely no concept of the healthcare element,” said another soon-to-be mom, who asked not to be named out of fear she would be harassed.

She registered for donations for the Brigid Alliance, which offers financial support to people who must travel long distances to obtain abortions, particularly those whose pregnancies are far along.

She had long opposed abortion — until she needed one to treat a miscarriage last year.

“It struck a nerve with me that abortion is 100% healthcare,” she said. “Until you go through the process yourself, you don’t realize the scope of abortion.”


Photographer Chelsea Maras of Huntington Beach was already a supporter of abortion rights when she had an abortion to resolve her miscarriage in 2021. So when the Dobbs ruling was handed down June 24, it seemed only natural to use her new, growing baby bump to direct her Instagram followers to abortion funds.

“Pregnant people have a unique voice right now, because our lived experience that we’re doing in real time is a talking point,” Maras said. “I think it’s very important to show up with a pregnant belly and make that statement.”

So she popped on a T-shirt with “My body my choice” written in rainbow block letters, tucking it up to bare her belly.

“Bringing a child into this particular country that offers no paid parental leave, no healthcare, no postpartum support, no child care, can feel like an impossible choice,” she wrote in the caption. “If you are looking for action steps ... donate to local abortion funds, give to the organizations that are on the ground assisting with care.”


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