These are the Trump-aligned election deniers winning key state primaries

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What he’s said: “They needed to first figure out how many votes they needed for it, and then they looked at the mail-in ballots to change the election. And that’s what they did.”

Why the race matters: The Texas attorney general’s office is second only to California’s in the size of its budget, which means it would likely continue to play a lead role in future election-related lawsuits.

General election opponent: Former ACLU lawyer Rochelle Garza

Attorney general, Alabama

— Nominee: Steve Marshall, incumbent


His record: As attorney general, Marshall joined Texas’s lawsuit. In 2021, he served as chairman of the Rule of Law Defense Fund, which serves as the policy arm of the Republican Attorneys General Association. He denied knowing ahead of time about a robocall sent by the group on Jan. 6 encouraging people to march on the Capitol and “call on Congress to stop the steal.” Testifying before Congress in March, Marshall repeatedly declined to call Biden the “duly elected and lawfully serving” president in response to a question from a Democratic senator.

What he’s said: “All we’ve asked is for only legal ballots to be counted.”

Why the race matters: The attorney general can file and endorse lawsuits seeking to overturn election results.

General election opponent: Tarrant Police Chief Wendell Major

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