Biden's economic plan finally comes into focus as it shrinks

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“So, it’s not going to get us there. But I promise you, I guarantee you we’re going to get free community college in the next several years across the board,” Biden said.

Climate provisions

Manchin, who represents the coal state of West Virginia and earns income from a coal brokerage he founded, insisted that the president drop a clean electricity program from the legislation — one of its major provisions to fight climate change.

Biden said he’s discussing with Manchin the possibility of diverting the money to tax incentives or other provisions.

Negotiators are still weighing alternative policies that would ensure the U.S. reaches the president’s climate goals of net-zero emissions from electric power by 2035 and net-zero emissions overall by 2050. Manchin has said he would also oppose a carbon tax proposed by Senate Finance Chairman Ron Wyden of Oregon.

Paid family leave


Biden’s proposal had included three months of federal paid parental leave. He said Thursday that he had to cut that provision to four weeks.

“And the reason it’s down to four weeks, I can’t get 12 weeks,” he said.

That’s a blow for progressives, who have long lamented that U.S. law doesn’t guarantee paid leave for new parents or other family reasons, unlike many

Medicare expansion


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