Trump falsely calls recall 'rigged' on election day. Why did he stay out of Newsom race?

Gillian Brassil and David Lightman, The Sacramento Bee on

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That makes farmers, some of whom are in Central Valley Republican districts, unhappy.

Like his ally near Fresno, Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Tulare, Trump campaigned on water. Under Trump, rules on water pumping were loosened to try to lessen water flow into the ocean. It’s not clear that this succeeded in improving farmers’ water deliveries —which, due to drought, have been cut to almost zero for many of those farmers this year anyway.

Trump on Tuesday also claimed that voters are being told that they already voted when they appear at the ballot box. It is unclear whether his claims might be about people who forgot that they had voted, people who wanted to change their vote or people who thought another individual had illegally voted under their name.

It is also unclear where he has gathered that reporting, though a Media Matters report published on Tuesday said right-wing news outlets built off of a report by KTLA about a computer error that affected early voting locations in a Los Angeles neighborhood.

Trump’s team did not respond to a request for comment.

But, timing-wise, why did Trump say the California election was rigged, especially on election day after all most of the ballots have been cast, and bring fish into it?

“He’s someone who’s increasingly desperate for media attention,” said Alex Conant, a Washington-based Republican consultant.


By saying the election is rigged — a charge he keeps making about the 2020 presidential election — he promotes his brand, said Sacramento-based Republican strategist Rob Stutzman.

It assures him, Stutzman said, “everyone’s talking about him.”

“It was very, very savvy,” he said of Trump’s reclusiveness. “He knew this would be a loser,” he said of the recall election.

The Sacramento Bee’s Ryan Sabalow, Dale Kasler and Lara Korte contributed to the story.


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