Editorial: Realism plus?

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President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin have had their much anticipated summit meeting in Switzerland. Now the question is: Will it improve anything?

Will Putin cease meddling in other countries, including our own?

Will he cease persecuting dissidents and lovers of freedom in Russia?

Will it lead to better U.S.-Russian relations?

Biden's own answer was: "We'll see."

That's not encouraging, for there is little ground for optimism.


So, the question then becomes: What will Biden do when what we see is not a change but more of the same?

No president would show all his cards in a situation like our current one with Russia.

And it is better that neither president saber-rattled in the meeting.

But it is hard to avoid the sinking feeling that the answer may be: The U.S. president will not do much at all about V. Putin.


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