RNC says Trump will allow his name to be used in fundraising

Mark Niquette, Bloomberg News on

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Donald Trump has given approval for the Republican National Committee to use his name in fundraising and other materials after the former president threatened to sue if the GOP continued to do so, the RNC said in its response Monday.

Trump told RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel over the weekend that he’s fine with the RNC’s current use of his name, RNC Chief Counsel J. Justin Riemer said in a letter to Trump’s Save America PAC in response to Trump’s demanding his name not be used.

That includes using his name in materials for its upcoming donor retreat at a hotel near Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, where Trump is expected to participate, Riemer said.

Lawyers for Trump had demanded that the RNC, the National Republican Congressional Committee, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee immediately stop using the former president's “name, image and/or likeness in all fundraising, persuasion, and/or issue speech.”

The RNC pushed back a little, saying the party “has every right to refer to public figures as it engages in core, First Amendment-protected political speech, and it will continue to do so” in pursuit of common goals of electing Republican candidates and advancing conservative policies, Riemer said in the letter.


Spokesman Jason Miller didn’t immediately respond to a message seeking comment.

The former president is committed to the Republican Party and to electing conservatives as the GOP seeks to regain control of Congress in the 2022 midterms, but he gives neither friends nor foes permission to use his likeness without explicit approval, said a person familiar with the move.

Trump has vowed to defeat the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach him in January and to help elect Republicans in 2022, and the demand letter suggests he’ll be aiding Republicans, but on his terms. The former president has made it clear he wants contributions for those efforts to go to his Save America political action committee and other entities he controls.

Spokespersons for the NRCC and NRSC didn’t respond to requests for comment, but the NRSC sent out a fundraising email Sunday asking donors to become “Official Trump Defenders” if they “care about protecting President Trump’s legacy.”

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