Commentary: Will we come through?

Keith C. Burris, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on

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But we both knew that many of our fellow Ohioans, and Americans, felt precisely that way.

The 1960s weren't "cool." They were violent and polarized. Americans could not hear or see each other.

We knew it wasn't as bad as the Civil War and that the divisions were cultural and political, not geographic or, we hoped, foundational.

But the divide was great and bitter. And we wondered if the center could hold.

Today we wonder once more. And this time it is geographic, as well as foundational.

Do both countries believe in free speech, for all? Do both renounce violence, by all? Do we accept elections when the other America wins?


Our cultural divide is profound, and, again, with little common ground. People on the right are deeply suspicious of anything or anyone international or cosmopolitan. They are suspicious of science. They hate the same federal government they depend upon.

People on the woke left sneer at tradition, at love of country, and even at love of God.


The 1960s ended in 1980 when Ronald Reagan was elected — chosen, in good ways and bad, to take us back.


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