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On Jan. 20, the Biden administration will enter the Oval Office in the midst of a pandemic and economic crisis, with the Democrats in control of both houses of Congress, which means that big policy changes are afoot in the United States.

First, the Biden administration will use the economic crisis at hand to pursue a domestic policy platform that will be the mirror opposite of the Trump administration’s free market, federalist program.

Second, in stark contrast to the Trump administration, which focused on a foreign policy agenda of “America first,” the Biden administration will pivot to a globalist policy program, also under the guise of COVID-19.

Third, it is highly likely that the Biden administration will seek major structural changes to the federal government that could change the electoral prospects for both parties for a generation.

In other words, the Biden administration will prey upon the economic disarray from COVID to seek to undo the biggest accomplishments of the Trump administration while doubling down on progressive policies.

One of the first and foremost features of the Biden administration is its penchant for globalism. This will manifest in several ways, namely with regards to climate change.


President-elect Joe Biden has repeatedly said that climate change is an existential threat that will require a global effort akin to World War II. He has already pledged to put the United States back into the Paris climate accords, which reduces U.S. competitiveness and undermines our national sovereignty.

The coming Biden administration is also on board with the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, a radical, anti-capitalist agenda that is using the COVID crisis to upend capitalism. Biden’s climate czar, John Kerry, is a staunch advocate for the Great Reset and has already said that he will lobby for America’s involvement in the Great Reset.

On the foreign policy front, the Biden administration will also reenter the United States into globalist bodies such as the World Health Organization.

In general, after a four-year period of the Trump administration pursuing a foreign policy that sought to maximize American interests, the Biden administration will seek to move in a decidedly globalist direction.


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