Commentary: Empathy as patriotism

By Keith C. Burris, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on

Published in Political News

We're actually OK. We just need to escape the blue and the red and the fulminating haters on TV and social media for a while.

The other model for Biden is Biden. Just be what you were during the campaign, sir — a national grandpa, who knows how government works and can forge a compromise, but, most of all, believes empathy equals patriotism.

Wearing a mask and social distancing, says Biden, are acts of civic piety — and brotherhood.

This kind of Biden presidency can succeed. Because the president is not, in the end, primarily the master legislator or reformer. He is the caretaker of the American ideal and the American ethos.

Biden did not really run on issues. He ran on restoring the nation's soul. He should stick with that — the theme that got him nominated and elected.

When he talks about the dignity of every American, reminds us that we can be adversaries without being enemies, and ends every speech with "May God protect our troops," he is edging us toward restoration.


A presidency based on American values, rediscovered and restored, is worth a try.



Keith C. Burris is editor, vice president and editorial director of Block Newspapers (kburris@post-gazette.com).

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