Appeals Court runs out of patience with fight over Trump's taxes, calling his claims 'highly contrived'

By Stephen Rex Brown, New York Daily News on

Published in Political News

NEW YORK - President Donald Trump's relentless fight to keep his taxes from Manhattan District Cy Vance may soon reach an end.

The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ran out of patience Friday with Trump's legal challenges to Vance's subpoenas on his longtime accounting firm.

All three judges on the panel appeared deeply skeptical of arguments by Trump attorney William Consovoy.

Judge Raymond Lohier wondered if there was any subpoena Trump would consider justified.

"Is there a request for documents ... that would not, in your view, be overbroad?" Lohier asked.

No, Consovoy replied.


"That's a problem. You see why that's a problem," Lohier said.

Judge Pierre Leval called Trump's allegations against Vance "deeply contrived."

Judge Robert Katzmann scoffed at Trump's claim that the grand jury Vance is using to investigate the Trump Organization should be limited in scope. The grand jury is probing the company's accounting practices, among other issues.

"Grand juries, as you know, are given broad authority to do their work. Are you asking us to change the way grand juries have done their work for time immemorial just because someone is President of the United States?" Katzmann asked.


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