Battle over Ginsburg successor could add a charge to Texas Senate race

By Bridget Bowman, CQ-Roll Call on

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Public polling has been scarce in the Senate race, with the latest RealClearPolitics average showing Cornyn with an 8-point advantage over Hegar. The presidential race in Texas appears to be closer, with the polling average showing Trump with a 2-point advantage over Biden.

One Democratic strategist suggested the Supreme Court battle could help the Senate race catch up to the presidential numbers, with Biden voters who currently don't know Hegar still checking the box for the Democratic Senate nominee.

Hegar said Tuesday she expects to "outperform the polls."

Democrats remain optimistic about their chances in Texas because the state has changed in recent years. Henson noted that the Democratic gains in the suburbs are because those places are diversifying and growing, rather than because GOP voters are rejecting Trump.

On Tuesday, Texas Secretary of State Ruth R. Hughs announced that the state hit a record number of more than 16.6 million registered voters, roughly 1.5 million more than November 2016, when Trump won Texas by just over 800,000 votes. That year, nearly 9 million voters turned out. Cornyn told reporters at the Capitol on Wednesday that he expects 11 million Texans to vote this year.

Hegar suggested that an increase in new voters could propel Democrats to victory.


If people who had not been reliable voters are newly engaged, she said, that is "not good news for whatever political party is in power."


(Ellyn Ferguson contributed to this report.)

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