Bolton won't support Nikki Haley for president in 2024. 'That makes us even,' she says

Francesca Chambers and Michael Wilner, McClatchy Washington Bureau on

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WASHINGTON -- Former White House National Security Adviser John Bolton says he won't support Nikki Haley for president in 2024 after clashing with her when they served in the Trump administration together.

Bolton criticized Haley as an attention-seeker in a new memoir and told McClatchy in an interview late last week that his former colleague would not have his support if she pursues the White House in four years.

"No, I wouldn't support her for president," Bolton said. "I think there are plenty of qualified candidates in 2024, and I think many of them are already in the field, including her."

Haley, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under President Donald Trump, is expected to seek higher office as one of several current and former Trump administration officials likely to enter the 2024 field as a candidate for president.

In a statement to McClatchy, Haley pushed back on Bolton's comment that he wouldn't support her presidential bid.

"I guess that makes us even, because I wouldn't support him for president either," she said.


Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, whom Bolton also criticized, are also discussed as likely presidential candidates.

In his book, "The Room Where It Happened," Bolton wrote that Haley set up a direct line of communication with Trump that allowed her to go around the secretary of State and the White House national security team to his frustration.

A former U.N. envoy himself, Bolton accused her of routinely overstepping her role in repeated attempts to raise her political profile.

"Haley had no qualifications for the job, but it was ideal for someone with presidential ambitions to check the 'foreign policy' box on her campaign resume," he wrote.


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