President Trump uses Twitter to plug new book by Joe Ricketts, patriarch of family that owns Chicago Cubs

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CHICAGO -- Since its release Nov. 5, there hadn't been much buzz about Chicago Cubs owner Joe Ricketts' new book, "The Harder You Work the Luckier You Get: An Entrepreneur's Memoir."

Enter President Donald Trump, who took the opportunity to cheerlead for the book on Sunday -- on social media, of course.

Trump, who previously took to Twitter to tout the success of a book written by his son Donald Trump Jr., "Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us," again used his favorite presidential platform to plug the memoir by Ricketts, the conservative patriarch of the Cubs-owning family. (It later emerged many bulk purchases of the book were at least partially responsible for it surging to No. 1 on the New York Times best-sellers list.)

Trump wrote: "Joe Ricketts, one of our Country's most successful businessmen, including being the owner of the Chicago Cubs, has just written a great new book. ... Much can be learned from Joe. Go get the book!"

Joe Ricketts' book, "shares the epic inside story of how a working-class kid from the Nebraska prairie took on Wall Street's clubby brokerage business, busted it open, and walked away a billionaire," according to the Amazon.com description.

Portions of the book's first chapter also are printed on Amazon.com, including this excerpt:


"For me, it's the getting there. It's the competition, the problem-solving. It's being right when no one thought you were right and winning when the stakes are high. Even after I had more money than I could spend, I went on working forty to sixty hours a week. I still wanted to succeed at business, not for the increased buying power that success would earn me, but for the pleasure of making a business succeed."

Joe Ricketts is the father of Todd Ricketts, a Wilmette resident who is one of the sibling owners of the Cubs and finance chair of the Trump Victory Committee, a joint fundraising venture of the president's reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee.

Todd Ricketts co-chaired a Trump fundraiser with other RNC officials last month, which reportedly brought in millions for Trump Victory and notably brought the president to Chicago for the first time since his inauguration. The visit, predictably, wasn't without controversy. Trump blasted Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson for not attending a meeting of police chiefs where Trump spoke.

The elder Ricketts most recently made headlines after racist and bigoted emails surfaced in February. At the time both he and Tom Ricketts issued separate statements, essentially condemning "bigoted ideas," contained in emails he mostly received and a few he sent.


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