Judge questions keeping Mueller grand jury materials from House

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Letter told the judge Tuesday that the committee has gotten nowhere near what they thought they were going to get. "We're getting almost nothing," Letter said.

Among the interviews not yet provided are those with former White House counsel Don McGahn, who provided key information to the special counsel about Trump's possible obstruction of justice actions and who is also fighting a subpoena to testify before the Judiciary Committee about the Mueller report.

Howell at one point said that the Justice Department had combined two arguments that taken together would mean a lot of information about investigations into a president would be "buried or stuck behind the veil of grand jury secrecy."

First, the Justice Department determined that a sitting president cannot be charged with a crime -- "which is a principle no court has ever said OK to or approved" -- and now the department argues that grand jury material can't be disclosed to the House for an impeachment inquiry.

That would require the House to redo the special counsel's 22-month investigation. "What is the possible benefit to the public of that?" Howell asked.

At the start of the hearing, Howell noted the number of lawyers from the House general counsel's office and Judiciary Committee who were in the courtroom.


"What fun, an outing from the Hill," Howell said.

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