Rep. Tom Reed collapses ahead of TV spot

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WASHINGTON -- Rep. Tom Reed collapsed in the Cannon House Office Building Thursday.

The New York Republican, first elected in 2009, was waiting for a television interview when he fell.

Aides, Capitol Police and first responders could be seen attending to Reed in the Cannon rotunda. He was able to stand up and sit down on a gurney, and Reed was seen talking to firefighters while being led out of Cannon.

A Reed aide told a New York television station that the representative was "fine" and "being checked out by medical personnel."

Reed had a health scare right before he was scheduled to join the House after winning a 2009 special election, as a pulmonary embolism put him in the hospital. That scare prompted major lifestyle changes.

Reed had topped out at more than 300 pounds. Since opting for gastric bypass surgery in early 2013, his body has transformed dramatically.


(Michael Macagnone, Paul Fontelo and Chris Marquette contributed to this report.)

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