Wright claims early GOP lead, Woolridge/Sanchez lead Democrats for Barton congressional seat

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The winner of each primary, or runoff if needed, will face each other in the Nov. 6 general election.


Here's a look at how the votes were falling Tuesday night.

Wright, Tarrant County's tax assessor collector who once worked for Barton, drew 45 percent and Ellzey, a retired Navy pilot and member of the Texas Veterans Commission, claimed 24 percent, with 35 of 776 precincts reporting.

At the same time, Mark Mitchell, a doctor/attorney/homebuilder and small business owner, picked up 5 percent; Ken Cope, a 64-year-old retired Army lieutenant colonel and retired aerospace executive from Arlington, garnered 7 percent; and Deborah Gagliardi, an engineer/contractor/architect from Arlington, accrued 3 percent.

Troy Ratterree, CEO of Compressed Air Systems, drew 3 percent; Kevin Harrison, a pastor and college founder, claimed 3 percent; Shannon Dubberly, an IT project manager, picked up 4 percent; and Shawn Dandridge, a network engineer, garnered 1 percent.

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Thomas Dillingham, a technology consultant, accrued 1 percent; Mel Hassell drew less than 1 percent.


Here's a look at the votes late Tuesday.

Woolridge, a longtime community activist and education counselor who ran for this seat two years ago, picked up 38 percent of the vote. Sanchez, a communications consultant who has captured the attention of Democrats across the country, claimed 36 percent of the vote, with 25 of 776 precincts reporting.


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