GOP campaign battle plan relies on putting tax cuts at forefront

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Democrats had sought to describe the tax cuts as a boon to the rich and companies, while the GOP pointed to benefits for many middle-class families.

In what amounted to a pep talk, Trump told the lawmakers Thursday that passing the tax cuts "was like putting it all in a box and wrapping it with a beautiful ribbon."

Some Republicans said they want to extend the tax cuts, especially if that puts Democrats in Republican-leaning districts on the spot.

Mark Meadows, a North Carolina Republican who is chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, said he and Republican Rep. Rodney Davis of Illinois this week introduced a measure that would make the individual tax cuts in December's tax bill permanent, instead of ending in a decade.

"We would like to see a vote on that soon," he said, adding that House Speaker Paul Ryan has committed to a floor vote. "I believe we need to do it sooner than later. It potentially would be a very tough vote for Democrats, who have said the tax cuts for individuals are temporary. We're going to give them a chance to make them permanent."

Meadows said Republicans see some chance to counter the historical midterm trends for the party in power. The growing economy and rising stock prices are the best thing the party has going for it, he said.

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"If the economy is doing well and people are feeling good about their jobs and the fact that they're getting raises, I become less concerned" about Democrats sweeping into office, he said. "It becomes less personal in terms about Washington, D.C., and more personal about what's happening at home."

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