Trump lawyer presses argument for presidential immunity in defamation case

Nina Agrawal, Los Angeles Times on

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Schecter did not issue a ruling, but did ask Zervos' attorneys whether staying the case would be detrimental and if they would be "flexible" in accommodating the president's schedule were a trial to go forward.

Mezey, who teaches civil procedure and co-directs Georgetown's Gender Justice Initiative, said she would be "stunned" if the judge found Trump to be immune.

"All of the arguments that they made in Clinton v. Jones seem abundantly applicable to state court, and all of the accommodations that would be made in federal court could be made in state court as well," Mezey said.

Either way, the decision is likely to be appealed.

"The implications are potentially huge, especially for someone like President Trump who appears to have a long line of potential plaintiffs like this one waiting in the wings," Mezey said.


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