Trump posts provocative anti-Muslim videos from a leader of far-right U.K. fringe group

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump retweeted three anti-Muslim videos from the account of a leader of a far-right British fringe group known for conducting "Christian patrols" in predominantly Muslim neighborhoods and arrested recently for inciting hatred and violence.

The videos, which purport to show Muslims engaged in acts of violence and anti-Christian incitement, came from the Twitter account of Jayda Fransen, a deputy leader of the group Britain First who was convicted last year of religiously aggravated harassment against a Muslim woman wearing a head scarf.

Trump apparently posted the videos from Fransen's account on Wednesday morning in between tweets about the economy and calling for a boycott of "Fake News CNN" after the cable news network's decision to not attend the annual Christmas party at the White House.

In response, the husband of British parliamentary candidate Jo Cox, who was killed last year by a man shouting "Britain First," accused Trump of "spreading hatred" and trying to legitimize the far right in Britain.

Fransen praised Trump for retweeting her, writing "GOD BLESS YOU TRUMP! GOD BLESS AMERICA!"


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