Democratic congressional candidate from Miami calls for impeaching Trump

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MIAMI -- Miami congressional candidate Mary Barzee Flores called for President Donald Trump's impeachment Wednesday, joining a small but vocal group of national Democrats openly advocating for Trump's removal from office.

In an op-ed published in the Miami Herald, Barzee Flores cited at least six reasons for Congress to impeach the president, including firing former FBI Director James Comey and hiring Michael Flynn -- who has since been fired -- as national security adviser despite having ties to Russia.

"As a former judge, I don't make that statement lightly," Barzee Flores wrote about urging impeachment, "but I have come to believe such steps, sadly, are necessary to restore trust, respect, and dignity to the American presidency."

Whether to support Trump's impeachment has become a dividing line among Democrats, with some arguing that it's too early to contemplate such a drastic move -- and that doing so would only galvanize Republicans ahead of the 2018 midterms. Democrats notched key victories in off-year election contests around the country Tuesday without relying on an impeachment message.

But a few Democrats counter Trump has already "violated the sanctity of the public's trust to an extent great enough to merit removal from office," as Barzee Flores put it, calling for the other six Democrats seeking Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's swing 27th district seat to take the same position.


The internal party chatter over impeachment burst into the public last month after Tom Steyer, a liberal billionaire from California, backed impeachment in a letter to Democrats -- and followed up by buying at least $10 million worth of ads in national cable to promote his cause.

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